Customized Assortments

Personalized Parts Assortments

A steel adjustable assortment box with the exact schematic of the fixture(s) you have is available to you at NO CHARGE. You determine what goes in the box. You pay only for the parts. And the box is perfect for small fittings and hardware related items we also carry.


No matter what the fixture/valve is, we can set up an assortment to your specifications. By taking the assortment to the job site, you have everything you need to repair any plumbing fixture with internal parts. No more running back and forth to the shop or off the property for parts you forgot or didn't think you needed.


There's no need to spend money to replace fixtures! Your personalized assortment box contains the parts you need to repair and over haul any valve/fixture you have. And since YOU determine what parts go in the NO CHARGE assortment box, there's no money wasted on parts you won't use.


Example: In under 2.5 cubic feet, you can inventory and organize the parts to repair over 50 flushometers and 50 faucets! With four personalized assortment boxes and our No Charge Slide Tray Rack you have the repair parts you need in a smaller space than you have ever utilized.